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June 2011


Welcome to Jordan!  Here are some photos from a quick visit in 2011.  I had spent one night in Amman, which like any big city was a bit overwhelming.  This was my first visit to the Middle East.  I felt like I stood out in western attire and my far east features, but as in most countries, people were very friendly and were just as confused when I told them I was American.  I hopped on a bus to Petra, expecting to run into the Dr. Jones', but was even more blown away by how well preserved this ancient city has remained.  In fact, to this day, this may be the oldest site I've ever visited in my years of travel.  After Petra, I headed for an overnight stay in Wadi Rum at a Bedouin Camp.  Little did I know that these rock formations and sand dunes would one day make up planet of Jedha in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


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